The history of Orange Mound was built on professionalism, entrepreneurship, and home ownership.  The way business looked then is different than it looks today but we stand on broad shoulders of entrepreneurs and businesses willing to serve this amazing African-American community known the world-over as “The Mound.”  Thanks to Angela Barksdale, Eddie Hayes, and James Rice for calling roll on Facebook allowing us to capture all of this goodness and great memories.

  • Along Park Avenue – Nat Buring Orange Mound Day Nursery Learning Center, Bradley’s, Tyler’s Place, Harlem House, Rock House on Park, Claiborns Fish Market, Solo Sundry, Evensky’s, Melrose Grocery, the Hot Tamale Man (cart) and Kream Kastle, Big Bluff, Mahalia’s Chicken,  Lou’s Liquor, Speedy’s, Lucky Strike Cleaners, Dorothy’s Beauty Shop, The TeePee


  • Along Carnes Avenue – Jacks Grocery (delivery too!), Crawford’s Sundry, Purple Rain Club, Ms. Smith’s Sundry, the Cab Stand,  Oakley Burgers, Dominic’s, Thelma’s, The Bunnyland and Merryland Kindergarten, Brown’s Grocery,


  • Around the Mound -Aunt Murt’s, Ms. Janie’s Grocery, Victory Funeral Home, Orange Mound Grill, The Dip, The Brown Derby, Mack’s Grocery,Whitmore Sundry,  Lamar-Airways Shopping Center (Three Sisters, Butler Shoes, Baker Shoes), Katz Drug Store, Skaggs Drug Store, Tops Bar-b-que, Thornton’s Doughnuts, The Brown Derby,

This new online Golden Biz Network is about creating our own ‘Angie’s List’ within the Golden Wildcats. Unlike our heritage growing up where we could see and touch, the businesses that remain are not the same as our memories.

TODAY. We know Golden Wildcats have soared in other places and run businesses everywhere across the Mound, Memphis, and the world. Often we scramble to know who has a business and what kind of business to patronize other Golden Wildcats.

We expect great service, no doubt, but let’s create new avenues to help each other’s business become greater by patronizing them.
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Business Development Program
NEW PROGRAM: January 1, 2016, you can advertise your business on a special page here for $25 per block featuring your logo and spotlight in social media pages and to key Memphis City, County, or Federal influencers for consideration. You must still actively compete for whatever business but we are strategically going to raise the profile of our Golden Wildcat business and professional people.

Business Name Type Phone Website
  • From now until 12/31/15, any Golden Wildcat can list their business on this page for free for 12 months from the date you are listed!
  • January 1/2016, you make a donation of $10 to be listed for 12 months from the date you are listed. This further funds the “Wildcat Rising Stars” New Media Student Development Program.